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Видео становой тяги с турнира APF RAW 30го апреля

Raw lifters Men:
The ageless one, Tony Conyers upped his open and masters All-Time records going 507 374 584 for a huge 1466 All- Time WR total of 1466 @ 148 (no wraps)! Tony now holds a total of 16 All-Time Raw WRs, with records ranging from open, drug tested and master divisions.
Scott Weech (shw) finished the day with a 2099lb (777.1,540.1,782.6) total. Scott is ranked #1 (raw) on powerlifting watch lifter rankings.
Hennis Washington (132) took the #1 (raw) spot in the master rankings with a 1129.5lb (407.8,270,451.9) total.
Brian Schwab (165) finished the day ranked #4 (raw) with a 1471.5lb (534.6,352.7,584.2) total.
Jason McElroy (181) finished the day ranked #9 (raw) with a 1510.1lb (55.1,352.7,606.2) total.
#4 (raw) ranked Perry Ellis Jr (275) finished the day with a 1929lb (716.5,479.5,733) total

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